50+ Proposed Motion

I move that we implement advanced registration to be made at the Spring AGM for the upcoming Fall Season. This will be open to curlers who have curled during the year that has just been completed. Curlers will indicate what day and time that they wish to curl in the upcoming fall season as well as the position they would like to fill. The curler must provide a current phone number and email address if possible.

There will be no deposit required but a confirmation is required by August 15th if they intend on following through on their designation choices.

If you know anyone who will not be at the AGM, please let them know that this will be put to the members for approval. If the motion is approved we will open up the registration immediately following the meeting! There will be a short window for them to advise via email.

The crcurl.com website has the email addresses as:
Draw Master Wayne Clark
Chair Judith McFarlane

Boyce Team WINS!!!

Raffle; To help support Lyle, John, Don & Tom head to the Canadians in Saskatchewan, We are raffling off a Hardline “Brad Jacobs” Broom. Tickets are $10 each and available at the Club. Draw Date is March 27th! Show your support by purchasing a ticket or two. All proceeds go to the Boyce Rink. Thank you!.

TEAM BOYCE has won the Master Men’s Provincials in Nanamio today.  Congratulations to Lyle Boyce, John LaPointe, Don Pennell and Tom Green.  We are a very proud club and so lucky to have you call CRCC home!!!  It is now off to the Canadians in Saskatoon from April 1-7 as TEAM BC.  


Email Notifications

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